Celebrities With Bangs – Who Is Your Favorite?

April 4, 2012


Credit: Getty Images

One trend we're loving right now is the return of bangs! Some of our favorite stars like Debby Ryan, Taylor Swift, Miranda Cosgrove and Jennifer Lawrence have been rocking them this ...

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14 Responses to “Celebrities With Bangs – Who Is Your Favorite?”

  1. L Says:

    i like jennifer lawrences bang type the best.[ she is hilarious] but i think bangs alone look the most naturall on bella thorne.


  2. Vanesa Says:

    I love Debby Ryan!she is the best!!


  3. krissy Says:

    Obviously taylor swift, Nessa, and Jennifer Lawrence. :)


  4. Hayley Says:

    I think that Taylor and Bella suit bangs the best. I have bangs as well like theirs.


  5. Shea Says:

    Taylor Swift!!!! :D


  6. JoyofBeing16 Says:

    Debbie Ryan !!!!!!!


  7. Kayla Dawn Says:

    I Love Harry Syles’ Bangs <3 <3


  8. Randyll Says:

    Definitely Debby Ryan. That girl has talent and doesn’t allow that talent to go to her head. I have complete respect. She always uses clothing from her closet when going to special events and is just herself. She is a role model and that message even gets through with her bangs. hahahahaha (:


  9. Shweta Says:

    Justin Bieber of course!!!! HE LOOKS SOOO AWESOME WITH BANGS!!!!


  10. I don't quite know Says:

    I’m not sure, but anyone but Taylor Swift or Bella Thorne. Sick of both of them. Bella seems like the type of chick who’d be all graceful on the outside, but there’s always a voice in the back of her mind that would let the fame go to her head. And Taylor is a liar as we know it, I don’t care what she’s done, I’ve caught a few of them.

    ……..Plus Taylor looks kind of like a Barbie doll. Not in a good way, but in like the fake, plastic way.


  11. Diane Says:

    J Law ) She’s most funny and unusual girl!


  12. Cara Says:

    Debby FTW! she is awesome ;)


  13. A. Says:

    Jennifer L. of course. She is awesome as always.


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