Taylor Lautner New “Abduction” Movie Photos

January 21, 2011

We’ve got your look at 3 brand new photos from Taylor Lautner’s latest project – Abduction. The movie, which stars Taylor and his rumored real-life love Lily Collins, is an action thriller, and these new shots show just that.

The flick follows T’s character after he discovers that the people who raised him aren’t his real parents – and this realization leaves him running, literally running, for his life. And that’s what we get to see in this amazing behind the scenes shot of Taylor, donning a Pirates sweatshirt – running through the street. It’s a great look at the big picture, as we get a peek at the crew too.

Then there’s a shot of Taylor, on the floor of what looks like a kitchen, and based on his worried and serious facial expression, and the fact that he’s on the ground, we’re guessing he’s hiding.

But the picture that’s likely to get the most attention out of all three still shots from Abduction is the one of Tay his supposed girlfriend in real-life, Lilly Collins. Lily plays Taylor’s love interest in the movie, and in the pic it almost looks like Taylor is protecting her, with one arm extended to cover her, as she looks pretty concerned.  Do you guys get the feeling like these two might be more than friends in real-life? Looks like some great on-screen chemistry if you ask me…tell us what you think in the comments section!  Abduction hits theaters September 23, 2011 and is directed by John Singleton.

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3 Responses to “Taylor Lautner New “Abduction” Movie Photos”

  1. hannah ladner Says:

    no, me and Taylor Lautner are going to fall in love and he is my future husband


  2. Takisha Steele Says:

    he is just so sexy im in love with him im cryin thats just so fine that is my futrue boyfriend we goin to fall in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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