Taylor Swift Calls Taylor Lautner ‘Hot’

March 5, 2010

Taylor Swift is all over the newest issue of Elle magazine, both on the cover (which you can see below) and in a new interview inside.

In the interview, she’s asked who she thinks is hot and responds “Um, well…Taylor Lautner.”

But…then why did you guys break up??


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4 Responses to “Taylor Swift Calls Taylor Lautner ‘Hot’”

  1. miranda roark Says:

    how she rights down songs about her feeling


  2. Rachel Says:

    Taylor swift is not stupid , she is my rolmodel and my insperation in life so quit being so mean to taylor ! She is an amazing person and writes the best songs ever ! I just wish I could meet her and tell her how amazing she really is! Taylor if you read this remember follow your heart not anyone elses and that you can do anything if you believe in yourself! You are my superstar Taylor! Oh and by the way I made a nickname for you it’s taytay!


  3. Rose Says:

    Taylor Swift is sooooooo stupid she says Taylor Lautner is hot (which he is) then she brakes up with him. Taylor Swift you are soo stupid for breaking up with the hottest man alive.


  4. ZipZap Says:

    Okay, so how fuc*ing stupid are you guys?!
    Just cause a couple brak’s up doesn’t mean they don’t find each other atractive!!! ADAA!
    Let’s say that Dana was together with Robert Pattinson. Then you’ll break up becouse Rob’s kissing other girls in movies and such.
    Then Dana still might think Rob’s hot!!! Even if they broke up!!! IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT THE LOOKS YOU FUGLU BIT*ES!!!


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