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January 26, 2011

Emma Roberts’ “Homework” Sells At Sundance

What better place to talk Homework than the Sundance film festival? That’s what Emma Roberts did and we’ll tell you why it all turned out great.

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April 26, 2010

Emma Roberts Wraps ‘Homework’

Emma Roberts dazzled all of us with her recent role in Valentine’s Day, in which she starred alongside some of the most famous stars in Hollywood. For her next movie project, she’s teaming up with Freddie Highmore and Michael Angarano for the romantic comedy Homework.

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January 19, 2010

Arthur and the Revenge Of Maltazard Movie Preview

Check out the video

[flash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVJJU3oOLpc]


Today we’re talking about the new movie, Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard. Right off the bat, I must mention that this French film rocks a super cast including Selena Gomez, Freddie Highmore, Jimmy Fallon, Mia Farrow, Snoop Dogg, Stacy Ferguson – that’s Fergie – Will.i.Am, Robert Stanton and more. Keep in mind that you may only be hearing some of these celebs via voiceover simply because the movie is a live-action, 3D action trilogy.

“Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard” is the 2nd in the 3 part series  based on 2006′s popular ‘Arthur and the Invisibles.’

Interested in a sequel to Arthur and the Invisibles?  Hit the comments section and tell us what you think!

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August 13, 2009

Dakota Fanning and Freddie Highmore Dating?

Dakota has been spotted with a guy in the form of a date.  So the story goes that Dakota Fanning’s mom met 17-year-old actor, Freddie Highmore and thought ‘wow, this is a nice kid who doesn’t party all of the time’, and so according to the reports, she set-up her 15-year-old daugher with the ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ actor.

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August 10, 2009

Dakota Fanning’s Mom Hooks Her Up

I’m not so sure that I’d want to go out with someone at my mom’s suggestion, so I can only imagine what was going through Dakota Fanning’s mind when she was recently out at L.A.’s Il Cielo restaurant with none other than Freddie Highmore.

Seems Dakota’s mom thought the young celeb would do well by her daughter, calling him a “nice guy”, and one who doesn’t “party”, so she arranged for the two to hook up over dinner.

By all reports, though, they had a good time of it, although not surprisingly it’s “nothing serious”.   Word’s already been shuffling around that many find this wrong in and of itself, claiming the fifteen year old Dakota is too young to date seventeen year old Freddie.  Others, meanwhile, aren’t so exacting and believe the couple is just fine as-is.  Me, I’m all right with it; back in my day, fifteen and seventeen year olds often went to the same school, so if there was a little cross-class dating going on, what was the harm?

What do you guys think on this one?  Are they a good couple?  Or should Dakota be sitting at home nights for a couple more years?

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