Selena Gomez Performs “Come and Get It” at MTV Movie Awards

April 14, 2013

2013 MTV Movie Awards - Show

Eat your heart out JB!

Selena Gomez took the stage at tonight’s MTV Movie Awards to perform (for the first time ever) her brand new single, “Come and Get It.” We absolutely LOVED the tribal theme and couldn’t get enough of Selena’s look or her dance moves.

Check out the full performance below and let us know what you think!

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29 Responses to “Selena Gomez Performs “Come and Get It” at MTV Movie Awards”

  1. G.A. Says:

    She’s a Britney wannabe like all the other female artists.. Britney took the world by storm and started a new era in popular culture and all these young girls are idolising her..


  2. sara Says:

    indian music, indian dancing, indian makeup..


  3. Anonymous Says:

    I wouldn’t say that Selena’s voice is bad. It’s very good considering the fact that she is dancing while singing! Not many people understand how difficult that is. When she sounds a little breathy, its because she’s dancing like crazy. I think her dancing was really good.


  4. Mimi Says:

    Uh hello Demi and Selena are best friend so please don’t compare also i really love ho when she did this song on Ellen she sounded exactly like the track!


  5. mahesh suthar Says:

    I am an Indian and I just loved to see Selena in BINDI. So pretty and beautiful. Millions and millions of people in India would have gone crazy if she had done this song live in Mumbai


  6. Juliannaliz Says:

    I think tht this song is ok, Not too bad or too Good but I think she cn do a lil better. Her vioce was not good in this performance. The dancers danced better then her, but I’ll give her some points for the moves she learned. I would like to say that is not tribal beats those are traditional indian drum beats and music, even her look like the BINDI sticker on her forhead. Shes Natual wit it && thts wat i like about her..


    • jessica Says:

      well obviously they danced better than her, that’s their occupation. and most artists including taylor swift don’t sing well live.


  7. Damini Says:

    THIS IS TOTALLY INDIAN. from the dance moves, to the beats to the make up “bindi” the dancers are wearing. everything about this is indian!!


  8. Rahul Says:

    This is Indian music .. She is wearing Indian kinda makeup too ..


  9. C Says:

    The dancing was cool, she still needs to work on the vocals though.


  10. Haorei Says:

    I’m Indian and we are part of tribes…So just to make a point to all you people thinking you know “tribal”


  11. Allie Says:

    Selena really looked beautiful, but she doesn’t have extraordinary singing abilities. She sounds like someone you could hear doing karaoke or playing in a small restaurant. That could be caused by her dancing and singing… but I just expected more.


  12. Haleema Sadia Says:

    I really like the song come and get it.


  13. Amina Says:

    I really loved her performance its amazing ! I didn’t know that selena was so talented as I see ! Movements of her dance were fantastic !


  14. Gillian Says:

    It was dull but fun I hope her album is more powerful but not as powerful as demi lovatos new album


  15. Liis Says:

    Love it <33 Love her <3333 Love Come And Get It <333


  16. GomezGurl Says:

    Great show , great song n great Selena !!! A little different but I loved it


  17. zzzz Says:

    idk i dont like this song ew


  18. asdf Says:

    THIS ISN’T TRIBAL OH MY GOD, anybody can hear that this is Indian. The background beat is Indian, the intro is Indian, her dancing is Indian.. the fact that she’s calling it tribal is insulting because she obviously didn’t do any research when making this song.


    • jms177 Says:

      The drums used in the song are in fact, Indian TRIBAL beats. So she is correct.


      • suzana Says:

        that is not tribal beats.. those are traditional indian drum beats and music and even her look the sticker on her forehead its called BINDI in india and is a traditional look for indian females.. but overall i liked her performance and the song is great too.. but it is nothing in comparison of britney’s i’m a slave for you.. just saying!!


    • cat Says:

      thank you! finally someone knows what they are talking about


  19. joy Says:

    i loved her performance,I am a belieber but TBH i think bieber can’t handle the breakup


  20. Abby Says:

    I loved it a little different but loved it Selena is such a great performer and i am a true Selenator <3


    • Rtt Says:

      These are not indian tribal beats! And her bindi is so out of fashion, too big! And indian actresses perform ten times better than her ! A wierd mix of indian style to it ..


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