Selena Gomez Goes Back to Long Locks

April 2, 2012

Selena Gomez just wrapped filming the movie Spring Breakers in Florida and she's already getting ready for her next movie role. Over the weekend, after attending the Kids' Choice Awards, Selena ...

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7 Responses to “Selena Gomez Goes Back to Long Locks”

  1. Florianne Says:

    Her hair is too beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Melina Says:

    I think her long hair is amazing!!! It’s beautiful, people who don’t say that are crazy!!


  3. smiler4ever Says:

    she sucks……oh my god… she going to play in a new movie??why?????she really sucks


    • Glesni davies Says:

      Will u just shut up sucks no way but she dose rock
      And even if u don’t like she has a thousend other fans but out of
      Them all I’m the biggest trust me no one is a bigger fan of Selena than me
      So if u have a comment keep it to your self

      Number 1 fan
      Out stands all the other singers

      1 Selena Gomez

      Sings buitifull
      Extremely talented
      Loves her fans
      Encredibly nice
      Nothing bad u can say about her
      Actress of the year

      Fan no 1
      And she’s so generous
      Nothing badu can say about her


    • Melina Says:

      Smiler4ever: you are crazy! She’s amazing and she JUST started ACTING just a bit ago, so I wouldn’t judge her if I were you! If you just started acting and people said ‘she sucks! Oh my god, is she going to play in another movie? She really suck’ to you I don’t think you’d be very happy


  4. K Says:

    If you don’t give a fuck, why did you click on it in the first place???


  5. sanaea Says:

    i love her hair


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