Taylor Swift & Zac Efron Get Their Dance On

February 22, 2012


Can Zac Efron & Taylor Swift be any more adorable?

For their Ellen Show interview yesterday, Zac & Taylor decided to get in on Ellen’s dance dare fun by dancing behind some of their famous friends at the premiere of The Lorax. The unsuspecting victims included Betty White, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber & Akon.

We think the best one is when they danced behind Selena because she didn’t catch them.

Watch the hilariousness below!

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5 Responses to “Taylor Swift & Zac Efron Get Their Dance On”

  1. James Says:

    I am huge fan of all you guys !


  2. mariah Says:

    it was kind of fuuny


  3. anna griffith Says:

    that is a funny dance move from zac efron


  4. CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!!!! Says:

    Hahahaha!!!! I’m actually not a fan of any of them, but this was funny. Zac’s dance behind Selena started to look a little heated, if you know what I mean. LOL. (How did she not notice him????) I think that Justin (EWW…) knew that Taylor was there the whole time, and that one wasn’t all that funny, but the rest was.


  5. Carrie Says:

    I’ve haven’t seen this yet. It looks really funny. I love Selena, Taylor , Zac and Justin. I am a huge fan of all of them.


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