Selena Gomez Takes Her Tour To South America

December 21, 2011

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South American fans of Selena Gomez just got their New Year’s wish come true.

Selena hit twitter multiple times over the last few days to announce several tour dates in South America and beyond. She’ll be hitting all the major cities including Mexico City, San Juan, Panama City, Santiago, Lima, and then she’ll wrap things up in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Selena was just in South America a few months ago, where she joined her boyfriend Justin Bieber, on his tour and even performed on a few occasions.

Check out the full list of dates and times of her tour below. Will you heading out to see Selena on her South American tour?

Tour Dates:

01-22-12: San Juan, PR- Coliseo de Puerto Rico
01-24-12: Panama City, Panama- Figali Convention Center
01-26-12: Mexico City, MX- Sports Palace
01-30-12: Santiago, Chile- Movistar Arena
02-02-12: Lima, Peru- Jockey Club
02-04-12: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil- HSBC Arena
02-05-12: São Paulo, Brazil- Via Funchal
02-07-12: Cordoba, Argentina- Orfeo
02-09-12: Buenos Aires, Argentina- G.E.B.A. Stadium

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21 Responses to “Selena Gomez Takes Her Tour To South America”

  1. aj Says:

    selena your sexy and hot


  2. Ulysses Says:

    I loved the concerts in Latin America. They seemed BIG. And that makes me Oh SO very happy for you, Selly. The crowds up in Canada also seemed large. You make so many people VERY happy for being in the entertainment biz. Thank you, Selly. We Love you. GB.


  3. Corey Says:

    You should come back to vegas (Nevada)


  4. Mariam Says:

    plz Selena come to lahore(pakistan) or dubai plzzzz!
    u see i actually live in lahore(pakistan) but my dad said that maybe if u had a concert in dubai he would let me go!
    But plzzz do the concert!
    To be honest with u in lahore(pakistan) none of ur things sell buti am a very verybig fan of urs!
    and i just want to meet u so bad!
    i get all my cds from Dubai and most of the times i make my own stuff with ur pictures!
    But plz do think about it!
    Because more than anything i want to meet u!!!!!!!!!!!
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come to lahore(pakistan) or even Dubai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. emily Says:

    but shes not goin to bolivia that not fair


    • Ulysses Says:

      Maybe they (her team/management) thought many fans from Bolivia could go to Peru somehow. I do wish she had more fans in Bolivia. Hopefully one day.


  6. Michael Says:

    Its Christmas Eve and I hope you Have the best Christmas ever. I miss you and want only the very best for you always sweetie. Enjoy your christmas and New year.I Miss You alot.You take care punkin.Tell Justin Hey and get at me you know my number and where I am at.
    with Love forever~
    Michael Jo
    P.S. I’m ready to meet ~ you know the place
    the kids say Hey selena. Hannah is doing alot better
    she might be well enough to attend school after the Holiday season
    (: Bye babe,I am proud of you Like always…….


  7. lisa Says:

    hi i like your songs


  8. Michael Says:

    Hey Punkin
    If you need a awsome vocalist to tour with you,you have my address and phone number just get @ me.I want to come out soon.You know my talents are up there with the best,I Love you Forever selena!Have a awsome year.The Kids say Hi~



  9. Michael Says:

    Hey selena I am proud of you! I am on this old windows and cant get to you on myspace.I do Love you and want you to sing your heart out on tour.Your awsome and well to be quite honest with you I MISS YOU MUCH.

    Michael Jo~

    P.S. so sorry about your mom’s miscarrige, I Hope her heart heals from this tragic situation. Tell her Hi for me and if it would make her feel better tell her my kids are her kids~This seems to be the only site this thing will leave a message on so I hope you read this.Hey leave me a messagefor me~ I LOVE YOU


  10. Michael Says:

    Hey Punkin~ Luv you lots!!!!!!!


  11. hadi Says:

    hi my beautiful can make me happy by sending a replying message


  12. shutthefuckup Says:

    hey! y never come to singapore? just becose we are small? hell no!


    • Ulysses Says:

      Thats not why. She is not yet a HUGE seller, so she must go wer she can sell many tickets, have more fans. I hope u can understand that.


  13. shutthefuckup Says:

    hey! y never come to singapore? just becose we are small? no!!!hell no!


  14. Antoinette Says:

    Hey Selena should tour Australia! There are heaps of fans in Ausralia!


  15. Char Says:

    Too bad I don’t live there.


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