Justin Bieber Raps About Selena Gomez

November 3, 2011

2011 VH1 Do Something Awards - Arrivals

Justin Bieber is known for his expertise as a singer, performer and all-around sensation. But now, thanks to a stellar appearance on Power 106, it looks like the Biebs might have a rap career in his future. Justin’s been busy making the rounds, doing press in support of his Christmas album, and during a recent stop at LA’s top hip-hop radio station, Justin took it upon himself to do an impromptu rap that was about 2 minutes long. And you’ll never guess what he took on during the performance…oh yes, his gorgeous girlfriend Selena Gomez. At one point it seemed like J-B had finished his rap, but then he said, oh wait, I’m not done yet. He went on to rap: “My girl says I’m perfect, she just loves an imperfect person; perfectly personally, I think she is perfectly perfect.” How sweet! FYI, Justin tweeted this video link saying, “Let’s be clear. I love hip-hop and I write all my own rhymes. Hi Haters.” If you want to see Justin in action for yourself, click below for the full video.

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20 Responses to “Justin Bieber Raps About Selena Gomez”

  1. nancy Says:

    Yes they are dating so why dont u shut the fuck up and go do your research before u start talking shit they make the cutest couple ever


  2. Aimee Says:

    Listen Yeaa, Get Your Facts Riite JAZMYNE Yes They Are, Yuh Cant Go Round Tellin’ People To SHUT UP! When They’re Right….


  3. Renata Says:

    THAT WAS AMAZING!!!! I’m a long time beibler and I have always thuoght he is awesome! He sings GREAT!!!! All you haters just jeleous….so, what up haters? haha!


  4. Stephanie Charlton Says:

    i am not a huge fan of his music now but if he starts rapping i just might be.


  5. jazmyne Says:

    Selena come to my school tomrrow at 7pm i go to crestview in clive


  6. sarah Says:



  7. gurl94 Says:

    definitly rap material, i would love you if you rapped more! <3
    release some rap songs, integrate it with your normal music and you will become more popular than you already are, and it will target people your own age.
    trust, i'm 17 and this is it!


  8. Andrea Says:

    that was alright. i just thought it was cute about what he said about Selena. but i don’t think he has a chance being a rapper…. just stick to singing Justin thats what hes good at.


    • yvette Says:

      not even he is best for a fact he is better then crayshaw i mean gucci gucci luiie luiiie fenddi fenddi prada if she can be a rapper he can be a rapper and a doctor


  9. Abby Says:

    That was amazing!!!


  10. Simran Drew Bieber Says:

    <3 i love justin bieber and this is soo good.this just makes me love him more


  11. ChelseaMae Says:

    i really want to meet the only Mr. J Drew Bieber!! ong love himm! 19023173184


  12. ChelseaMae Says:

    (: justin bieber. i get chills when i heard this! HI HATERS! hahah(: yous juss all jealous!! lol(: iloveyaah


  13. anonymous Says:



  14. mariah Says:

    but if hae was that was sweet


  15. mariah Says:

    how you know he was tlaking about selena gomez he did not say her name.


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