Selena Gomez Behind the Scenes at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

August 10, 2011

We’ve got a new behind-the-scenes video of Selena Gomez getting prepped for the Teen Choice Awards. We start off in Times Square where SG tells us how she’s been to New York so many times but this is the first time that she’s actually been able to walk around. She’s quite the jet setter, hopping on a plane with her band to head out to LA after her one day in the Big Apple. Selena Gomez and the Scene hit the stage for their first Teen Choice Awards rehearsal – along with the tango dancers and the amazing stage – with the star saying that she learned the choreography in about an hour. We see her joking around, doing the tango in her cute, casual gear and we’re still laughing at her joke about only getting an apple and wanting some junk food. It’s super fun to see her getting all dolled up for the awards show – from the wardrobe, hair and makeup for the red carpet walk to hitting up backstage for a costume change for the big show. We see Joey King, Taylor Swift and Kanye wishing her well, and Justin Bieber is definitely there to support, adding to the vocal warm-up session. And then the whole crew stands in a circle to say a little pre-show prayer. We love this behind-the-scenes video – check it out below!

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