Backstage With Selena Gomez & The Scene

August 2, 2011

Selena Gomez and the Scene just released some really fun behind-the-scenes footage from their very first show of their summer tour, ‘We Own The Night’. The camera shoots them rehearsing, including all of the bandmates joking around, and Selena heads off the stage to allow fans to sing along for the soundcheck. The video also shows a meet-and-greet before the Florida show – with Selena dressing cute and casually. But fast-forward to the dressing room, we see the star getting ready, curling her hair, putting on a sequined dress and even getting together her blinged-out ear pieces and microphone. We also get to see Selena standing in a circle with her guys from The Scene, as well as some familiar faces. She thanks her parents, her people, her dancers as well as Allstar Weekend, adding that those dudes were the first to ever open for her and it means a lot to her. Keep in mind that Christina Grimmie was on one side of SG for the pep talk and then Justin Bieber is next to her – actually rocking a Selena Gomez and the Scene t-shirt. We love seeing this kind of support! Check out the full video below.

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4 Responses to “Backstage With Selena Gomez & The Scene”

  1. zak Says:

    ha ha bieber dident get a shout out in the circlie lol (pls i think hes so arigant and he didnt clap in the circle)


  2. Jade Says:

    JB looks like his left over.Hahah. Selena really kicked him out of the THANK YOU part :) )


  3. mari Says:

    if it wasnt justin bieber i would actually love her. but how can she choose so badly?


    • Sarah Says:

      Yea I know! I think they’re cute together but are trying soooooo hard to be the perfect and cutesy couple! they wanna be the poster Disney couple


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