Justin Bieber’s Pierced Ears Look: Love It or Leave It?

June 6, 2011

2011mtvmovieawards_justinbieber-cuAt the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, Justin Bieber happened to have a new look going on that everyone noticed.  And we’re not talking about the graphic tee, white pants, and royal blue slash purple blazer fashions… did you check out his accessories?? Bieber rocked some pierced ears for the show. That’s right, he sported two newly pierced earrings with black bling.

He didn’t choose between the forever mentioned question of “left or right” and instead pierced both ears. So do you think that his girlfriend Selena Gomez signed off on the piercings or do you think that’s why he didn’t walk the pre-show red carpet with her?

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46 Responses to “Justin Bieber’s Pierced Ears Look: Love It or Leave It?”

  1. Dwaynebi Says:

    Love it..he looks more mature than before


  2. jpfan Says:

    guys leave him alone. Stop saying he looks gay I bet you all look gay in real life so shut up. He looks cool in them, better then u guys will ever look. So you guys better shut up you no life nerds.


  3. Alyssa Says:

    Okay, he seriously looks gay. Personally, I think he needs to get them un-pierced.


  4. Dane Says:

    LEAVE IT, i know he isn’t but it looks gay. It doesn’t look cool.

    I am a little bit a fan but this is not cool of him!


  5. jade Says:

    I love JB but i hate piercings , every young guy that is has singer has a piercings :(


  6. adrienne Says:

    selena leve jb hes hardharted alredi isnt dat wat you wanted u got it goback 2 disney were u blong


  7. adrienne Says:

    honeslty jb is cute so is selena bt shes bad influence. evry body new jb as d guy hu cared bout his fans more dan himself bt now hes just lyk i dnt care hate me or nt 2 hell wit ur pinion.wats up wit d tatoos and earin hunny u tryin 2 b cool or something.pple loved u d way u were get out of d relationship b4 its 2 layt its either dat or ur career goes down d drain(its already goi…….goin…………….goin………………..gone say byebye jb to jb evry1.btw change d topic of ur songz its alwayz bout gurls.wayt am a gurl so dnt change it. i luv u.


  8. miimsg Says:

    i couldnt even tell it was him haha but didnt he pirce them a long time ago ?


  9. LoveCrazyBeautifulLife Says:

    Personally, I don’t like pierced earrings on a guy. But I still love JB!


  10. Lily Says:

    First of all he’s had them since he was like 8!! And he will be hot with or without them! I will ALWAYS ALWAYS Love him! Justin dont listen to them do what you want they can’t control you! Keep your hair the way it is, (Still amazingly gorgeous) keep your earings, keep dating Selena! I love you so much and your perfect the way you are.
    Love Lily.


    • Lily the sassy 12 year old Says:

      Yes Justin, follow your dreams! I’m a freakin 12 year old who KNOWS she is going to marry you someday, yes justin dont listen to anybody they cant control you, I saw you on tv talking about how you got a ticket and asked the cop if it was because you had a nice car, You are SUCH A REBEL justin! what a bad boy! I love you justin and I know you love me back
      Love Lily.


  11. Guest007 Says:

    Just to let you all know, Justin has had his ears pierced since before he was famous. He just hasn’t been wearing earrings very often. I personally think he looks great with them, it’s just his style!


  12. Megan Says:

    Justin looks bad with ears pierced, he’s too young for it, and i think that he looks better a good boy than a bad boy. But it’s definitely Justin’s choice, and people should stop trying to change him. Go Justin :D


  13. vic Says:

    hes only changing to see if u like him for his music or his looks


  14. Jasmin Says:

    I will always <3 the way he looks


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