Rob Pattinson’s Next Show May Be Live From New York

September 21, 2009

Robert PattinsonAs in “Saturday Night Live” from New York.

Seems SNL’s interested in getting the Twilight lead for a guest host position, and the cast is actually fairly enthusiastic about such a move.  Even Andy Samberg gave the idea a thumbs-up, and Kristen Wiig was reportedly very enthusiastic.

Seth Meyers, lead writer and star on the long-running series, also said that, if they couldn’t get Rob himself, he at least hopes they “can get his hair” to handle hosting duties.  This would probably work out well for SNL, as Rob’s hair is about as easily recognizable as he is, and Meyers could then go nuts writing “Cousin It” from The Addams Family sketches featuring it.

But there’s no doubt that R-Pattz on SNL could be a sparkly gold mine of comedy fodder for the writers on that show, so frankly, I hope they manage to get him in.  Even I’d start watching the show, and I haven’t watched SNL regularly since Chris Kattan left.

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