Robert Pattinson Wants to “Strangle” the Inventor of “R-Patz”

June 12, 2012

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It looks like Robert Pattinson isn’t too fond of the nickname the fans and media gave to him.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Robert opened up about his career and taking the role in the buzzed about Cosmopolis.

“I don’t really know how accepted I am,” says Robert Pattinson. “Nothing ever matters to me apart from the people with negative opinions. That’s literally it. That always drives me on to the next thing. It’s funny, you just focus on them and then the next movie. That’s the only thing you’re thinking about when it comes out.”

The media has become accustomed to calling Robert “R-Patz,” but it looks like he’s not to fond of it. He shares, “When I got this part, every single article that came out, was, ‘R-Patz’s struggle for credibility!’; I don’t understand who invented that thing, ‘R-Patz’, I want to strangle them. But once you’ve made that step, everything afterwards is not like, ‘R-Patz’s continuing struggle for credibility!’ You’ve got to come up with something else, so it gets a little bit easier. I was always s— at auditions. Since Twilight, I’ve done two. One of them was for a job I’m doing now and it was really hard. Two really, really long auditions that everybody was going up for. I was so happy afterwards when I got it. And it was purely because of Cosmopolis that I was thinking, ‘You can go and do this as an actor, rather than just as the guy from Twilight, because you’ve got some foreign value now.’”

Robert also chatted with the magazine about people’s misconceptions of him. “It is surprising the amount of people who think I’m going to be really dumb,” he says. “I think they think anyone who has done teen movies is just an idiot. I don’t know, maybe I am. Some of the best actors, if you talk to them, they’re not the smartest people in the world.”

We love how honest R-P…we mean Robert Pattinson is in this interview. To read the full interview, go here.

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