Pretty Little Liars is Getting “Crazy” – 1×07 Photos

July 10, 2012


Who do you turn to in Rosewood when there seems like there’s no one left? Mona!

When things look dire for Hanna, the Liars must turn to Mona to help their friend out. With new key evidence in Alison’s murder case, Hanna fears that “A” may be framing her after a visit from Det. Wilden. With paranoia setting in, Aria decides that she has to turn to Mona for answers if she is going to help Hanna. But is Aria ready to face her former tormentor, and more to the point, is Mona ready to give Aria the answers the PLLs are desperately looking for?

Meanwhile, someone from Ali and Jason’s past arrives in Rosewood and piques the girls’ interest.

Be sure to tune in July 24 at 8pm on ABC Family.

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  1. Enaira Says:

    Pretty Little Liars is my daughter’s favorite show and she never misses an episode. This week things will be a little different because I’ll be going out of town on business and she is going to stay with my mom. My mom doesn’t have cable as she is devoted to her antenna which of course put her in an uproar. A co-worker at Dish suggested trying out the remote access app for her iPad. It allows her to stream live TV or anything that we’ve already recorded through the Sling Adapter. This setup works great with the Hopper and it has made my daughter very happy. Now she can watch all her shows and more at grandma’s.


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