‘Pretty Little Liars’ Winter Premiere Promo

October 20, 2011


We’ve got the preview for the Pretty Little Liars Winter premiere. And in true PLL fashion, this January episode is going to be epic. We get to see the girls doing some community service, with Emily and Spencer physically fighting – but we’re thinking it’s a distraction so one of the other girls can sneak away – just a hunch. It looks like Hanna might be on a boat – and fighting someone with her oar – it’s creepy because it’s at night. Mike punches Ezra in the face. And according to the texts from “Blocked ID”: Someone will go missing. Someone will die. And someone will be exposed. You can expect to see Toby in action. Plus, I’m pretty sure that we hear someone shout “Ali” at one point, so it creeps us out and we’re thinking that maybe it wasn’t Hannah on the rowboat who seemingly left a person for dead… At the end of the 30-second sneak peek, Emily stands in front of a dark figure – who knows who it is as of now – saying “you want to know what we found” and that is how we are left hanging! Check it out for yourself!

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2 Responses to “‘Pretty Little Liars’ Winter Premiere Promo”

  1. Jennifer Trybull Says:

    i noticed tht it looks like aria and ezra are in arias house wen mike is punchin ezra, nd it looks lik her fathr is also there, tho idk bout ella. also, th shoe thts pulld out of th water is th kind of shoe emily usally wears, nd she says ‘i almost got killed!’ mayb thts how? nd y r they back in tht greenhouse? thy havnt been there since ians death. o nd it says someone will die, nd while i dont want this, toby is fallin from that platform, nd if anythin, the platform would mor likely collapse down thn fall sideways from th building. accident or A? lots to thnk bout!


  2. Jammie Says:

    UMM…. no promo!


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