‘Pretty Little Liars’ Halloween Episode Preview

September 20, 2011


We’ve got an official ABC Family video preview for the much-talked-about PLL Halloween episode. This special ep will take us all back-in-time, it’s a prequel, and Alison is front and center, especially when it comes to the freakishly ghoulish times in Rosewood. We hear that it takes place before Ali goes missing, and the biggest thing for the girls is to get an invite to the big festive bash thrown by Noel Khan. We know that there will be a new girl in town to threaten Alison’s popular status, Spencer’s dealing with a tight running for Class President, Aria’s got some shocking info on her pops and a whole lot more. In fact, in the new preview for the episode that airs on October 19 at 8 pm EP, it shows the gals in full costumes…and already it seems like Alison is on board for A’s trickery. To see the preview, just click below. This special PLL Halloween event is the official kickoff for the 13th annual 13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family.

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