PLL: ‘Touched By An A-ngel’ Episode Photos

August 2, 2011

We just got our hands on some new photos from an upcoming episode of Pretty Little Liars, and it seems like there might be a whole lot more drama – and it’s NOT even from A. In the new pics, you can see Hanna and Mona riding horses in matching outfits. In fact, they’re so matchy-matchy that we’re wondering if the girls are actually working for the club. We’re left wondering, especially when it comes to the trio who gives them a run for their money. It looks like these “other girls” are stirring things up and Mona is being Mona – speaking more than her mind in response… but Hanna and Mona might just get a bit frazzled at one point and we’re pretty sure that something serious goes down – and it’s more than likely related to A. Keep in mind that this title is ‘Touched By An A-ngel’, and speaking of ep titles, PLL showrunner Marlene King just shared via Twitter that an upcoming title will be ‘I Must Confess’ – who is it talking about?? – and ‘Over My Dead Body’ – even more importantly, who do you think the body belongs to?? Check out the new PLL photos for ‘Touched By An A-ngel’ below.

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