Andrew Garfield Covers NYLON Guys

June 14, 2012


The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters next month and Andrew Garfield is taking over the cover of the July issue of NYLON Guys.

Check out some highlights from Andrew’s feature:

On his introspective nature: “Yeah, I’m very introspective. I’m working on it because sometimes it can tip over into too much, and it becomes debilitating. I’ve got a lot to think about right now because of my life changing because of the play, and this movie…”

The Amazing Spider-Man’s Producer Marc Webb on Garfield’s chemistry with co-star and girlfriend Emma Stone: “When [Garfield] and Emma stood next to one another it was like you heard the angel choir singing. It was blessed. The last time I’ve seen that blunt of chemistry was Hepburn and Tracy; when [Garfield and Stone] are on screen, you’re mesmerized. It’s so obvious how strong they are together, and how he’s strong for her, and she’s strong for him.”

On his growing fame: “The exposure that’s going to come with it doesn’t make me happy, and I’ve discovered that I do just want to be an actor– I don’t have any interest in being a movie star.”

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