PLL: ‘Blind Dates’ Episode Photos

June 23, 2011

New photos straight from the set of Pretty Little Liars. July 5th’s episode, which is called “Blind Dates,” is grabbing our attention a few weeks ahead of time, because of the fact that several of the new shots show Hanna with both Caleb and Lucas. The last time we saw Lucas for an extended time period on PLL, he was driving Caleb back to Rosewood for a reunion with Hanna.

This self-sacrifice on the part of Lucas seems really sweet, but the nature of the show and its web of lies, sort of has us wondering about his real intentions. So did Lucas bring Caleb back to town because he sincerely wants Hanna to be happy, or is this all a part of some sort of scheme to get her back?

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  1. Missy wade Says:

    I love this show it is the best can’t wait to watch it to night…….…… I can’t wait to see who the killer is!


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