One Direction Cover September Fall Fashion Issue of Teen Vogue

July 26, 2013


Look who’s on the cover of Teen Vogue’s September Fall Fashion issue! None other than the lads of One Direction.

Just in time for the release of their 3D concert movie, This Is Us, the guys sat down with the mag to talk about the tour, girls and more. Plus, we just love how much fun it looks like they have with each other during their photoshoots.

So we’ve heard stories of celebrities having ridiculous riders (aka things they want in their dressing rooms) while on tour, but what about 1D? “We haven’t actually got a rider,” Liam said. “We never actually sat there and made one. They bring us the stuff they think we like. We’re not really that diva.”

For more, be sure to pick up the September issue of Teen Vogue.

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