Ke$ha Gets Surprised & Embarrassed By Harry Styles!

July 12, 2013


Our girl Ke$ha paid a visit to BBC Radio 1 this morning and got quite the surprise.

After the host brings up the fact that the singer has mentioned her infatuation with Harry Styles and as if that conversation isn’t awkward enough — things get brought to a whole new level when the host gets Harry himself on the phone!

You can only imagine the hilarity that ensues — AND Harry even reveals the reasoning behind his unfortunate mid-concert throw up from earlier this week.

Check out the full interview below to see just how awkward things get. LOL!

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7 Responses to “Ke$ha Gets Surprised & Embarrassed By Harry Styles!”

  1. Hahahaha cracking up here Says:

    Lol it would be da best celeb MARRIAGE ever! Propose Harry!


  2. shan Says:

    i dont like kesha for harry.


  3. Louielover Says:

    I like harry but louie is my fave


  4. kim Says:

    ahw that was so cute! they really should date!


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