Watch One Direction Perform “Little Things” at Metroradio Arena

April 9, 2013

One Direction kick off their Take Me Home World Tour

One Direction brought their Take Me Home tour to the Metroradio Arena on Monday and it looks like the guys had a bit of fun during their performance of “Little Things.”

If you watch the video below and skip ahead to 2:12, you can hear someone, we’re not sure if it’s one of the 1D guys or someone in the crowd, yell out “Taylor Swift” as Harry sings “I’m in love with you.”

Watch below. Who do you think shouted it out?

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117 Responses to “Watch One Direction Perform “Little Things” at Metroradio Arena”

  1. Ariyannah Says:

    Okay, I kinda thought it was Niall b/c Harry kinda looked his way after it was said, it couldn’t have been Harry because it sounded distant. Kinda like someone yelling without a microphone, so I think it could’ve been Niall or jokster Louis-I <3 1D:)!!


  2. Emily Says:

    Its zayn i saw him


  3. Demetria Says:

    It could be Louis but it sounded like Harry…


  4. Emma Wagoner Says:

    I think it was either Harry or Louis.


  5. Unknown432 Says:

    It was definitely Louis because niall didn’t open his mouth while Harry sung I’m in love with you and Liam and Zayn never had the microphone to their mouth, Harry was still singing you when it was said x


  6. Gabby Says:

    I think it was Niall cause it sounded like him.


  7. Allysa Says:

    It was either Niall or Louis


  8. Jensen Says:

    Its Louis


  9. Megan Says:

    its either niall or zayn. it cant be harry he’s still holding out you when it is said


    • michaila Says:

      zayn didnt have the microphone to his mouth, liam didnt either, the camera didnt show louis , but it might be louis or niall


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