More Ink for Zayn Malik of One Direction!

December 27, 2012

zayn tattoo

What did Zayn Malik get for Christmas? We’re not exactly sure but we do know he recently got another tattoo! Yes, another one.

A picture has popped up on twitter of Zayn receiving a tattoo on his hip. We’re not quite sure what it is of, but rumors say it’s for his dog.

It also looks like Zayn might have had some more work done to his half sleeve, as he is wearing a bandage in the photo on his arm.

What do you think Zayn’s new tattoo is? Do you like his tattoos or should he stop?

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5 Responses to “More Ink for Zayn Malik of One Direction!”

  1. Tina Says:

    Why does he says that he is a muslim? there is no sign in him showing that he is a muslim. I feel he is christean


  2. Ziah Says:

    And why should anybody care? Yea he’s a celebrity but it’s really stupid to have an article dedicated to a tatoo. My aunt got a tatoo. Why isn’t it here?


    • Tina Says:

      but he’s a muslim and it’s forbidden for muslims to put tatoo. if someone puts tatoo on their body then they can’t pray


  3. Ziah Says:

    It’s his body so he should do whatever he wants to with it and people shouldn’t tell him what to do. So what, it’s a tatoo. It’s not gonna kill him. Y’all need to calm ya tits.

    And I do like them very much


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