One Direction Covers Billboard as Top New Artist of 2012

December 14, 2012

one direction billboard magazine

And the accolades for One Direction keep coming!

The boyband takes over the cover of the ‘Year In Music’ issue of Billboard magazine and boy has it been a year for them, which is why they were named Billboard’s Top New Artist of 2012.

Billboard caught up with each of the guys – Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam & Louis – and you can read the full interviews here. Check out some highlights below.

This week in New York is certainly quite the culmination of the incredible year you’ve had – headlining and selling out Madison Square Garden, hosting a global fan convention and playing the Z100 Jingle Ball. This week’s been crazy, crazy busy but so much fun. We were all nervous that we were gonna be rehearsed in time [to play Madison Square Garden], then when we were finally onstage we got to relax.

Was it representative of what we might see from your 2013 World Tour, or was this more of a one-off? That’s kind of the thing with our shows, loosening the reins. We don’t dance because we can’t dance. Our shows, production-wise, are always quite minimal. We always try and keep it more about us having fun and stay away from gimmicks.

There’s a lot of brands lining up to work with you, and you’ve already done deals with Hasbro, Nokia, Sharpie and even Colgate for singing toothbrushes. How do you deal with all the requests? You know what, I think there’s always gonna be interest from people that might not actually fit your brand. And some people need to take in the endorsements just for the sake of taking them. We try to take ones that best suit us and do things we want to put our name to and just have a laugh. We try to choose things wisely as we can – we have a lot of help with management and stuff, but at the end of the day we’re still new to it all in the sense that we just try to do whatever’s good for us.

The five of you contributed to the songwriting process for the first time on “Take Me Home.” How did that work with so many of you? It was actually usually groups of three. It’s nice to have to have two people around. When you have more than two people working together it gets a bit unfocused as an idea. We tend to pair off a little bit. It was nice on this album because the room was laid out to write the songs. We’d work with a topline writer and just write about whatever we were thinking about that day.

You’re signed to Simon’s Syco label. What’s his involvement been throughout this past year? He’s been all over. He’s been really good for us – always looks after us. I’m sure I’ll be getting an email from him. If he’s heard something happened we’ll always get a congratulations or something. He’s been very supportive, obviously moreso for our music. Luckily enough we’ve never had to disagree. He gives us a lot of freedom and stuff that we want to do. He’s great, a good boss overall really.

“Little Things” seems to really be taking off among fans, and prompted you to change your plans to make “Kiss You” the next single. Do you think having an acoustic ballad out there will help you reach more people than just tween girls? It’s broadening the audience for sure. I get a lot of dudes, a lot of moms and dads coming up and saying they love it. It’s great for opening people up at our shows. As you know, a lot of our TV performances are quite high energy. We want to just sit down and sign the song and show people what we are.

You’ve got a concert film up next. What can we expect? We’re excited. I think we’ve had cameras on us for a long time, we’ve just been filming a lot of stuff. It’s just gonna be exciting to watch it back. Just to have the ability to be able to kind of look back at that while we’re older and to have your children see it will be amazing.

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