Claudia Lee Releases “3 Leaf Clover” Music Video

June 21, 2012

3 Leaf Clover

You might recognize Claudia Lee from her roles on “Hart of Dixie” and “Zeke & Luther,” but have you heard her music yet?

The 16-year-old has kept one foot planted firmly in Hollywood and the other in Nashville since moving from her native Indiana two years ago. Now she is crossing creative boundaries again with her new country-rap single “3 Leaf Clover” and companion music video.

“This is a song about owning who you are, and not compromising when it comes to respect,” Lee said. “A three leaf clover is common, but a four leaf clover is rare and magical. I’m singing about looking for a special guy who is like a four leaf clover.”

In the video, Lee’s image appears on other teenagers’ cell phones, while she belts out lyrics with the in-your-face energy of a seasoned hip-hop artist: “I need someone who can stand out from the pack, Strong and mature enough to have my back.” By the end, other teens are singing along with a catchy “nah nah nah” chorus.

“3 Leaf Clover” is one of 12 songs on Lee’s debut album, “Here Right Now,” which was released in February 2012 and features the singles “Hollywood Sunset” and “It Gets Better.” Claudia Lee’s music is available at iTunes and Amazon. The “3 Leaf Clover”

Check out her music video!

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