Kanye’s Apologies to Taylor Swift Keep on Coming

September 14, 2009

Taylor SwiftIt’s only been 24 hours since Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech at the VMAs, and he’s already racking up the apologies.  But Kanye doesn’t do apologies like other celebrities do apologies.

For example, instead of a well-written statement released via a publicist, he posted a nearly nonsensical rant on his blog the very same night.  And tonight, he appeared on The Jay Leno Show and basically behaved like an ashamed little boy.

No, seriously.  Kanye walked onstage and admitted that he had been rude.  Leno asked him what he thought his mother would’ve said about the stunt, and Kanye sat there trying to think of something to say…and then just didn’t say anything.  Dead silence on TV for ten full seconds.

Maybe he was thinking about the fact that he’s a 32-year-old man and he just behaved like a bully to a sweet 19-year-old girl.

We have yet to hear from Taylor Swift about all this, but it’s probably smart for her to just keep quiet for now…and enjoy the Best Music Video award she rightfully won, no matter what Kanye thinks.

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7 Responses to “Kanye’s Apologies to Taylor Swift Keep on Coming”

  1. sperly Says:

    I think What he did was messed up but he said sorry and he made a mistake so ppl should forgive him


  2. sasha Says:

    i hate kanyae now! he humiliated my best best best singer in the whole world. i love taylor and her all songs! she deserved those awards. it was a very impundent of kanyae to obtrude like that and say beyonce should get it. :( !!!!!! i like b’s vids but come on!!! love story was a hit. my native country is nepal and it really famous there. so i really think she deserved it. kanye is a bad guy!!!!!


  3. james143 Says:

    the damage has been done kanye!!! even if u apologies as many as u can, it cannot turn back the time!!!u humiliated taylor swift!!!


  4. Andrea :D Says:

    i love Taylor so much. and i don’t care she forgives him, i never will. this was a very important moment for taylor and he took it away from her. and he can’t do nothing now.


  5. steve Says:

    That’s exactly what I thought, too, well after I put mine up. How would his MOTHER have taken this? Not well, says I–guy practically knocked down Taylor to get his hands on a mike and start screaming about Beyonce. This is probably why they keep letting him come back, because they know he’ll do something stupid that’ll fuel buzz for days. Maybe if we all ignore him, he’ll just go away….


  6. Beckyyy Says:

    Kanye West Is An Asshole, And Of Course He Isnt Sorry For What He Did, He’s Just Trying To Look Good. Go Taylor! She Defo Deserved Her Award!


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