Exclusive: Noah Guthrie Talks New Music, Songwriting and More

February 8, 2013


Noah Guthrie is one of our favorite up-and-coming singer/songwriters and he’s busy working on a new album. We had the chance to chat with Noah about his original music, playing the UNICEF show with Selena Gomez and much more!

You’ve given fans a sneak peek of your original music and your music is so unique – who/what are you inspired by? I think I am inspired by all kinds of music. I really try and keep my mind open to a lot of different sounds and techniques and I’ve been doing these covers on YouTube for so long and each one is a different style of music so it’s really taught me how to learn from each different genre.

What do you have planned for the albums; how many songs and what will the sound be like? The project will have a Pop/Americana feel and as for how many songs will be on it we are still not sure, I can tell you that the more money I raise on indiegogo, the more songs I can put on the album.

What’s your writing process like? My writing process usually starts with a melody that I come up with in my head and unfortunately I usually come up with that melody when I’m in the car or not around any of my instruments so I end up singing it into my phone or something then rush home to try and pick out a part on guitar.

Collaborations are so big right now. Who are you hoping/planning to collaborate with? I’m actually not sure yet. I absolutely would like to do some duets but I want to find the perfect voice to match up with mine first.

You have a very passionate fan base. What’s it been like to have them supporting you? My fans have absolutely blown my mind with this fund raising campaign! They have been there every step of the supporting me and have shown me that they are very ready to have an album full of my original music and I’m so ready to give it to them! I absolutely can’t wait to get this project done and out to my fans.

You played at the UNICEF show in NYC. What was that experience like. It was so incredible to perform for the UNICEF show again. It’s absurd to me that there are still children who do not have basic necessities like education and clean drinking water so I was honored to help UNICEF raise money.

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