100 Monkeys Announce New Tour Dates

April 11, 2011

100monkeysIt just got announced that Jackson Rathbone‘s band 100 Monkeys is gonna kick things into high gear for the summer and tour across the nation. You can catch them as soon as May 7 in New York City, followed by a 7/21 date in Los Angeles. The band exclusively told us about some brand new dates that you’ll only find on ClevverTV! But the tour officially starts in late June as the band hits cities including Cincinatti, Indianapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Orlando, Seattle and more – thanks to House of Blues Entertainment. Check out the dates below, and for more info click here!

June 28 – Cincinnati, OH, Bogart’s

June 29 – Indianapolis, IN, Egyptian Room

July 1 – Minneapolis, MN, Triple Rock

July 6 – Detroit, MI, St. Andrew’s

July 7 – Chicago, IL, House of Blues

July 8 – Cleveland, OH, House of Blues

July 9 – Toronto, Canada, Mod Club

July 11 – Montreal, QC, Sala

July 12 – Boston, MA, Brighton Music Hall

July 14 – Philadelphia, PA, TLA

July 16 – TBA

July 17 – Asbury Park, NJ, Stone Pony

July 19 – Allentown, PA, Crocodile Rock

July 20 – Baltimore, MD, Bourbon Street

July 21 Norfolk, VA, Norva

July 22 – Charlotte, NC, Charlotte Fillmore

July 23 – Myrtle Beach, SC, House of Blues

July 25 – Nashville, TV, Exit In

July 26 – Atlanta, GA, The Loft

July 28 – Tampa, FL, Orpheum

July 29 – Orlando, FL, House of Blues

July 30 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Revolution

July 31 – Jacksonville, FL, Jack Rabbits

August 2 – Birmingham, AL, Work Play

August 4 – New Orleans, LA, House of Blues

August 5 – Houston, TX, House of Blues

August 6 – Dallas, House of Blues

August 7 – Austin, TX, Emo’s Inside

August 9 – Tulsa, OK Cain’s Ballroom

August 10 – St. Louis, MO, The Pageant

August 11 – Kansas City, MO, Beaumont Club

August 13 – Denver, CO TBA

August 14 – Colorado Springs, CO, Black Sheep

August 16 – Salt Lake City, UT, The Grand Room (950)

August 18 – Seattle, WA, Chop Suey

August 19 – Vancouver, BC, Venue

August 20 –Spokane, WA, Knitting Factory

August 21 – Portland, OR, Wonder Bar

August 25 – TBA

August 26 – TBA

August 23 – San Francisco, CA, The Fillmore

August 27 – Anaheim, CA, House of Blues

August 28 – San Diego, CA, House of Blues

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20 Responses to “100 Monkeys Announce New Tour Dates”

  1. Jackie Says:

    The amount of talent that exists among the five men that make up 100 Monkeys is amazing. The energy and confidence that they exude on stage is mesmerizing, especially when they perform their improvs. If you have the opportunity to attend one of their shows, I would highly recommend it. I guarantee you won’t regret it.


  2. Christal Says:

    They have a unique sound from the mainstream. I find myself turning off the radio to listen to there music more often than not these days. Refreshingly different and something for everyone who are lovers of music and rock and roll.


  3. Camille-Anne Williams Says:

    What I love most about these five amazingly talented men is their compassion, humility, and their entrepreneurial spirit. They also make everyone feel welcomed at their shows and thanks them! I have seen people who were never interested or heard of 100Monkeys before, become fans instantly; this is in combination with their music and who they are as human beings. These men deserve the good things that are coming their way!


  4. Karin Prussak Says:

    Caution highly addictive!!!!!!


  5. Lauren Says:

    Their Amazing Musicianship, Monkey switch-a-roo, witty Imrov songs, the creativity of fusing genres and different instruments, the Intense/Overwhelming energy at the shows The Love they have for all us Monkey Junkie fans and of course how their music Inspires me in my own Music and inspires Love and connects people together!!! Love You Guys and THANK YOU for existing :D


  6. NayNay3637 Says:

    I love their quirkiness and striking good looks. Oh yeah, and they can sing too…lol…


  7. Krista Walsh Says:

    Infectious…that is the one word to sum them all up :) They are so extremely talented and you can tell that they not only play the music, but they ARE the music..that is where the infectious comes from..I have seen a few shows of my favorite bands where I get so excited to see them because listening to their music just fills me up, and have been very disappointed with seeing them live, because its like they are just up there playing because okay, this is what we do. 100 Monkeys just sucks you in because of the energy and the love of the music you can feel coming off of them, and then it does literally fill you up and makes you want to get up and dance and sing along, they are just so alive with the music they play. They are unique and different, which to a massive music junkie like myself is just pure audio crack :) Go to a live show and you will see, and join us Monkey junkies!! And the fact that they are VERY easy on the eyes is a big bonus ;) <3 you guys cant wait to see you in NYC!!


  8. Issabela Says:

    The guys are EXTREMELY talented! Their music is like nothing you’ve ever heard before, they switch instruments in songs as well as singing. They are so into their music, you could see that when they talk about it and play on stage. Their music is so alive and upbeat, it makes you want to jump up and dance! They are also, so very dedicated to their fans and make the shows fun! They ask the audience to come up with a subject and they make an improv song! 100 Monkeys are so unique, I’ve never heard anything like them.

    I literally would be lost without 100 Monkeys!


  9. Rhiannon Says:

    I think it’s a combination of 5 extremely charismatic artists, amazing talent, passion for the music, and individuality in their music, their shows and themselves that makes them so great. And did I mention their music is awesome?!
    Whatever it is, it works! And it keeps us coming back for more Monkey Madness! I hope to one day be witness to one of their shows instead of watching on youtube, but until then.. :D

    Much love, keep the music coming guys!


  10. MonkeyTroopViv Says:

    Thank you Clevver TV for helping spread the 100th monkey effect!! Like so many I have fallen hard for these guys. The music is fresh, sing-along-worthy and keeps up with my multi-music personality by featuring songs that tap into every genre of music. It’s been almost 2 years since I first heard them and they are still my go to CD. When I can’t decide what kind of mood I’m in 100 Monkeys tell me!! My 1st live experience was a free show 4/5/10 at a Duck Pin Bowling alley and I was HOOKED!!! I followed them the next two days from Richmond to Arlington then D.C. I then drove 6 hrs to Pittsburgh for a show and it was then that I decided I would do my best to spread the 100th Monkey Effect and become a Street Team member. I’ve gone so far as driving 8 hrs to Toronto and sleeping in a tent to putting a killer tattoo on my back that represents the band and all the memories I have made. The most important thing I have gained from my time with the band is a closer bond with my sister. We are Street Team leaders together for the DC/NOVA area and got our tattoos together. I HIGHLY recommend seeing this band live. The music is great but they are musicians who love to perform and a KICK-ASS show is GUARANTEED!!!! Become a Monkey Junkie…You know you want to :-)


  11. Laren Says:

    This band is made up of 5 absolutely amazing guys, with crazy energy and unbelievable talent. The minute I heard them play live, I was addicted. I’ve never been to a concert like theirs.. Their energy on stage makes you fall even more in love with their music. The guys themselves are so down to earth and friendly. You can tell that they love their fans as much as their fans love them. And THAT makes this band more unique than any band I’ve ever been a fan of..
    I can honestly say that if I ever had to choose ONE concert to attend every day, for the rest of my life, this is it. The music is fun and energetic, the guys are amazing personally and on stage and they always keep me coming back for more. Between Ben Graupner’s smooth and sexy voice, Jackson’s uncanny ability to make a song out of anything and it still be pure voice sex, Jared’s insane guitar playing skills and sweet personality, Ben Johnson’s famous drum beating skills and magical voice.. and Uncle’s love and passion for the music, 100 Monkeys ALWAYS gives their best performance and leaves you begging for more. I am a true fan of the music.. Because of them, my taste in music has become more diverse and has expanded. They know good music when they hear it, that’s for sure!
    I can never get enough of their music and live performances.. I’m addicted, and I am not ashamed of it.


  12. Kylee Herson Says:

    I have traveled across the world to see them play. Worth every penny! They are the BEST live act around!! This band has so much talent, they are going to be BIG!!!! Everyone should go out and see this band on this new tour!!!


  13. melanie Says:

    I’ve seen this band so many times in the 2+ years I’ve been a fan of them and I can honestly say their live show gets better and better every time. You never see the same show twice and their is never a dull moment!


  14. Karen Dent Says:

    Everyone has pretty much said what I want to say. 100 Monkeys put on an amazing show. They are highly entertaining, and you can see that they truly love what they do. Each artist in the band is multi-talented. Their ability to switch around instruments and vocals is amazing. Their music has something for everyone. My entire family are “Monkey Junkies” and each of us has a different favourite song. In addition to their talent, these guys really appreciate their fans. That can be a rare thing to find.
    Karen (Monkey Junkie and proud of it!)


  15. Kira Says:

    I have not been fortunate enough to see a live show as of yet, but I am familiar with their music. The band is totally original and that is very hard to find in today’s music. They are not set in one Genre no matter what any critic, executive, or writer may say. They have their own sound that is unique to them. Not only are they talented in being able to play more than one instrument and switching throughout the show but as I have been told/read, each show provide one improve song. Thus showing us that once again how original and creative they are. All around, they are an amazing band.


  16. gayle Says:

    great to see 100 Monkeys tour dates go up. These guys always put on a fantastic show entertaining the fans not only by playing but by having the audience actively participate, a casing point is their improv song. Yep, they ask the audience for a suggestion and make up a song on the spot.
    They are always completely down to earth and genuinely love their fans and show a passion for entertaining. Conscious of all ages that come along to see them they cater for each audience member. Their musical style is as eclectic as the songs they themselves enjoy and this gives a more rounded pleasurable experience. With switching everything up, no two shows are ever the same and they play to everyone’s strengths.
    Always highly energetic and fun to watch and sing/dance along with, this is a band that I would highly recommend going to see.
    Leave all thoughts of “this is an actors band” behind as you enter the lair of 100 monkeys and have an experience of a lifetime. Like them or not you are guaranteed a show to never forget.
    love, Gayle a lifelong monkeyjunkie :)


  17. Lori Says:

    Thank you for mentioning 100 Monkeys new summer tour dates on this site. These gentlemen have hearts of gold in the way they care about their fans. It’s ridculous how multi-talented they are. To see them LIVE as much as possible should be on everyone’s to-do list.


  18. Megan Says:

    If 100 Monkeys were a day of the week, they’d be the best day EVER.


  19. Kristy Nelson Says:

    Where to start about how much I love this band and the guys.. their music is so original and their shows are unlike anything I have ever been to before. The energy they all possess while performing is amazing and it floats throughout the entire venue and makes everyone dance along with them! They stay true to the music and the fans; their gratitude for the fans is mind-blowing as well! If you haven’t seen one of their shows you need to. I am a hugh monkey junkie forever =]


  20. Nichole Says:

    They are all so extremely talented! I love that they switch things up constantly. Not only the instruments and vocalists, but also that no two songs sound alike. I love all types of music, and 100 Monkeys is the only band that I know of that caters to that.


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