Co-Stars Rave About Kristen and Dakota in the Runaways

January 5, 2010

kristen-stewart-dakota-fanning-runawaysCory Becker, the lead singer of the band Living Things, appears in the movie The Runaways as punk rocker Joey Ramone and talked to V Magazine about the experience.  Mostly, he couldn’t stop raving about Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, who play Joan Jett and Cherie Currie:

We’d be playing and Dakota would go kind of nuts and start screaming the lyrics—she’s an incredible actress. She’s really graceful, would show up on set with a backpack and pastel cardigan, but as soon as the music started she became Cherie Currie, super aggressive forward powerful, owning the microphone, she really really nailed it.

Kristen Stewart completely nailed Joan Jett too. She’s legendary, we played at the Roxy and Floria [Sigismondi, the director] brought Kristen and Kristen had the full on Joan Jett haircut and she had her hood up. Anyone that’s really talented has a lot of focus—Kristen a deep peace in it, even when playing a chaotic punk.

Can’t wait to hear what people think of the movie when it debuts at Sundance this month!

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