Who Will Star in ‘The Hunger Games’?

September 7, 2010

chloe-moretzHollywood’s crazy about The Hunger Games right now, and as we reported earlier, they’ve almost picked a director.  But who will star as the young hero, Katniss?

According to USA Today, the frontrunner for the role is Chloe Moretz, who seems to be getting pretty huge: she appeared in 500 Days of Summer, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Kick-Ass, and will star in the upcoming Let Me In and Hugo Cabret.

She’s only thirteen, while in the book, Katniss is sixteen — but if you’ve seen her in anything, you know she acts awfully mature for her age.

USA Today notes that Kristen Stewart is also being mentioned for the role, but she has the opposite problem — she’s twenty.

Who do you think should get the role?  Dakota Fanning is sixteen…

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12 Responses to “Who Will Star in ‘The Hunger Games’?”

  1. Rue11124 Says:

    Ok here is who I think should be cast
    Alexandria Daddario: Katniss
    Alex Pettyfer: Peeta
    Robert Downey Jr: Haymitch


  2. Polliwog Says:

    OMG Kristen Stewart can’t play Katniss she already ruined the twilight movies not the Hunger games to! Dakota Fanning gets my vote she is exactly the figure I imagined to be Katniss Everdeen


  3. Katie Says:

    I agree Kristen Stewart ruined the twilight movies and I can’t imagine her as Katniss Everdeen. Dakota Fanning gets my vote she is exactly who I pictured should play Katniss.


  4. Holly Says:



  5. Twix Says:

    EMMA WATSON! She is a truly awesome actor, but not many people relize! I really will NEVER watch the movie if Kristen Stewart stars it, and i am serious!!! She has ruined the entire twilight, she cant go ruin the Hunger Games now >:(


  6. Allie Says:

    I think the Jodelle Ferland should be Katniss. She is exactly like I pictured her in the books


  7. Allison Says:

    I think That the girl from a series of unfortunate events should play Katniss I love her and she looks perfect for the role I think this girl will be to sweet looking and wont have that edge that Katniss has and I love Kristen Stewart but I don’t think she fits the role at all :l


  8. Briana Says:

    Alexzandra Daddario is who i think should be Katniss


  9. theodora Says:

    oh, god no…. not Kristin stewart. she will ruin the movie like she did twilight. we all saw how great that turned out. as for dakota fanning.. i’d rather have than Chloe. she fits the part, in my opinion.


    • Ollibuddy Says:

      i strongly agree. Kristen stewart was a horrible actress and really did ruin my obsession in twilight. when i saw that movie i felt sorry for the book. Plus she always had her mouth open and blinked way too much. Yes, anyone but her (thats a good actress)


      • Twix Says:

        I agree that Kristen Stewart was horrible, but i think Emma Watson would fit, idk i just saw her as Katniss the entire time when i read the books…


        • Jasmine Says:

          I totally agree Kristen Stewart ruined the twilight movies and I can’t imagine her as Katniss Everdeen in my opinion Dakota Fanning gets my vote.


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