Eclipse Director Throws Some Love to ‘Scott Pilgrim’

July 29, 2010

scott-pilgrim-castThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse director David Slade is currently raving on Twitter about a movie that stars a bunch of young adults falling in love with each other and occasionally participating in big battle scenes.  No, he’s not complimenting his own movie — he’s talking about Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the upcoming action comedy with Michael Cera.  Here’s a sample:

From henceforth I add THE MIGHTY, to the title Scot Pilgrim vs The World. THE MIGHTY SCOTT PILGRIM vs THE WORLD!

THE MIGHTY SCOTT PILGRIM vs THE WORLD is the best film I’ve seen all year and has fixed a permagrin to my face.

THE MIGHTY SCOTT PILGRIM vs THE WORLD makes me want to shake [director] Edgar Wright’s hand until his arm comes off.

Are you planning on taking Slade’s recommendation when the movie opens August 13th?

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