Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan Film The Apparition

April 1, 2010

Twilight‘s Ashley Greene and Gossip Girl‘s Sebastian Stan were spotted filming another scene from The Apparition yesterday, the horror movie in which they co-star with Tom Felton (Harry Potter):

The movie will likely open in early 2011.  Check out more pics at JustJaredJr.

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2 Responses to “Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan Film The Apparition”

  1. don giza Says:


    If you want to know more about good apparition,

    look up medugorje in bosnia herz….

    i have been there 19 times and love it.

    42 million people have been there, very peacefull.

    MANY healings , people return to there faith…

    Its like being between Heaven and EARTH check it out ..



  2. don giza Says:


    Have yoU ever done a photo shoT in the State Of MARYLAND

    If you do I will show you best parts of Maryland.

    Good Luck in your Career, STjohns evangelist, will be first stop.

    The History will blow you away……Don


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