Taylor Lautner Drops Out of Max Steel

February 26, 2010

Taylor LautnerA few months ago, Taylor Lautner signed onto the action movie Max Steel, but according to Vulture today, he’s dropped out of that movie in favor of Stretch Armstrong.

The site suggests that Taylor chose Stretch Armstrong because Hasbro, which owns the character, has been more efficient at making films than Mattel, which owns Max Steel.

This follows the news that Taylor also dropped out of the Top Gun-like pilot movie Northern Lights.  But he still has plenty on his plate.  Aside from Stretch, he’ll shoot two Breaking Dawn movies likely this fall.  And then he also has two other action flicks in development: the spring break-themed Cancun and the Bourne-style Abduction.

I wonder if he ever gets tired?  With abs like that, I’m beginning to doubt it.

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