Taylor Lautner to Play Stretch Armstrong?

February 8, 2010

Taylor LautnerWow, Taylor Lautner is getting busy.  According to Deadline Hollywood, he just booked the starring role in Stretch Armstrong, a movie based on the old toy: an action figure figure filled with gel, allowing you to literally…stretch it.  The movie will turn the character into a 3D superhero.

If it sounds crazy to make a movie based on a toy, well, there are already movies based on Monopoly and Battleship in development, so why not?

The real question is how Taylor will make this movie with everything else he’s got going on: a movie based on Max Steel, another action movie called Cancun, a rumored remake of Vision Quest, and of course The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.  But hey, if you’re in demand, you might as well enjoy it!

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One Response to “Taylor Lautner to Play Stretch Armstrong?”

  1. Kristina Says:

    strech armstrong!? seriously!? i used to have one of those toys…that would be a really werid movie…


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