AnnaSophia Robb Goes Armless in ‘Soul Surfer’

February 3, 2010

AnnaSophia Robb is currently filming a movie called Soul Surfer, in which she portrays Bethany Hamilton, a real-life surfer who was attacked by a shark and lost her arm at the age of 13.  Some recent set photos were taken, and they’re very cool.

On the left is AnnaSophia, who’s wearing that green sleeve so that her arm can be edited out of the movie with computer effects later.  On the right is the real Bethany, who, as you can see, really does only have one arm.  You can check out more photos at JustJaredJr.


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8 Responses to “AnnaSophia Robb Goes Armless in ‘Soul Surfer’”

  1. Shelby Says:

    I love Anna sophie Robb. She is such a great actress!


  2. lauren Says:

    i loved the movie and i think the real bethany hamilton is the bravest person in the WORLD! her composer saved her life. bethany is so popular that she`s in my 5th grade science text book on page 388!


  3. natalie Says:

    they are just being mean because bethany should have been in the movie it was the best movie ever her friend alana is so nice to stay with her when she was in the hospital. best movie ever


  4. Jeremiah Says:

    You guys are aweful! she never deserved to get her arm taken! how can you say something like that!


  5. justin Says:

    i agree with ashley


  6. ashley Says:

    im glad that it wasnt anna sophia robb that got her arm taken.


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