Miley Cyrus as Pocahontas for Halloween

November 2, 2009

I gotta say I liked Ashley Greene’s “bird” costume the best, but as far as celebrity Halloween costumes go, Miley Cyrus makes a pretty good Pocahontas.  In the picture below she was kind enough to take a picture with a young fan dressed as Dorothy:

Miley Cyrus

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14 Responses to “Miley Cyrus as Pocahontas for Halloween”

  1. nicole Says:

    thats dumb she looks retard…all real natives from da rez would wanna jump her


  2. Kacie Says:

    She looks so pretty, that’s a great costume. it’s hilarious how people are posting comments about her being a bad influence on this picture. It’s just her in a costume. :)


  3. poppy Says:

    please can somebody tell me where the boots are from??? even if they are like £600 or more i need those boots!!!x


  4. amy Says:

    Miley is a beautiful girl, no doubt. but shes not the brightest bulb. Its so funny looking at this outfit that a white girl would dress up as a Native American woman. A WHITE girl dressing up as a Native American. Did she not get the MEMO that the (white) colonizers were the ones that decimated the Native population in the the USA? I know that shes just trying to have a fun Halloween but please don’t do it at the expense of a community who had their culture, culture, and people murdered for centuries.

    Its not just her, the Native population has had their culture mocked by Universities and States who hold “Indian Chiefs” as their mascot. Why does no one get mad? Some people say that its a way of celebrating the culture. Is it really celebrating a culture by making a 6 feet costume of a dark male/female figure, with large animated eyes and a feather on their head? If we are really celebrating the people, we should also have respect for them, not stereotype how Natives look, act and dress.


  5. sudipa & nilkiran Says:

    she looks gorgeous n itz so sweet of her to take a pic with the little girl

    from england


  6. Cece Says:

    Omqq. Miley yhurr so beautiful i wuld love to hanq out sum time we may hae alot in common we bth are frm tennesee too an btw i love yhurr show


  7. miley#1fan Says:

    Wow she looks great I luv her she’s the best and y waz she voted worst influence??????? Nobodys perfect


  8. Meemaii :D Says:

    the boots, I don’t like.


  9. nickjonaslover Says:

    yeah she looks good and pretty but
    it’s all for publicity. miley is busting
    out the good girl act. next thing we knoew
    she will be out doing drugs or doing wrong things/
    i am not a hater just stating the truth. i wish it
    wasn’t this way but it is.


  10. AdrianaGutz Says:

    She looks great :) Really pretty

    Go Miley!!!


  11. Mira Says:

    omg she looks sooo pretty


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