Can Teen Stars Handle the Spotlight?

October 21, 2009

Selena GomezMiley Cyrus and Demi LovatoIt seems like so many teenagers are getting really famous, really fast — Miley Cyrus is sixteen, Selena Gomez is seventeen, and Justin Bieber is only fifteen, to name a few — that J-14 asks the inevitable question: are teen stars being forced to grow up too fast?

Selena, for example, is starting a fashion line and has been to Africa as a UNICEF ambassador.  Miley Cyrus has had to deal with all sorts of minor photo scandals.  Gossip Girl‘s Taylor Momsen, also only sixteen, stars in a show about college students with actors who are all at least five years older than she is.  And they all have to deal with constant paparazzi.

I guess the most interesting part is thinking how you would react.  Would you be able to handle stardom as well as these teens?  The red carpets, the lights and cameras, the nonstop work, and all the interviews about your personal life?  I imagine it’s scary and exciting at the same time.

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6 Responses to “Can Teen Stars Handle the Spotlight?”

  1. Kyle Webs Says:

    Miley’s only 16? I thought she was older than that….guess not.


  2. Doda Says:

    hi miley i love you so much and you really hot .

    dear selena you hot hot hot and i really really love selena Ashly i love you more than miley but i love miley cyrus to i love her so so much .


  3. BecKii Says:

    i dont really noe but it be cool having your name be known and all but the paparazzies may be bother


  4. Jennifer Le Says:

    It would be totally awesome to be famous. Being a celeb is rlly fun and it’s full of luxeries, but it also puts a lot of pressure on u. what to wear? what r they gonna say? blah blah. But money, fame is great :D and if the celebs like what they r doing, it should be worth it:)


  5. nickjonaslover Says:

    yeah i would be super cool but i couldn’t handle all the paparazzi.
    they would drive me crazy.


  6. AdrianaGutz Says:

    It would be cool to be famous and have everybody know who you are but i would be scared of all the paparazzi following me everywhere and my family.


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