Miley Stalker’s Case Goes To Federal Court

September 4, 2009

Miley CyrusWhoa.  Never let it be said that the system failed Miley Cyrus.

Seems her creepy stalker’s case–you know, the guy who was convinced that Miley communicates with him via secret messages in Hannah Montana episodes?–just got bumped up to federal court.

See, the court that got their hands on it originally really only deals in misdemeanor charges.  The FEDERAL court that’s taking a look at things now handles FELONIES.  That means there’s a real good chance here that they’re trying to get some stiffer penalities applied on this guy.

Frankly, I’m not surprised–on a ten scale of creepy with one being a fuzzy bunny rabbit and a ten being a clown with a knife, this guy was like a three hundred and fourteen.  But creepy isn’t a felony in the United States last I checked, so what exactly do the feds have on this guy anyway?

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One Response to “Miley Stalker’s Case Goes To Federal Court”

  1. maddogrock4 Says:

    I think Miley should chill just for a bit. She should enjoy her fame and just love life. I know she and Justin Gaston are together they don’t make a good couple in my opinion. He’s too old. I’ve noticed that he was in “Love Story” sung bye Taylor Swift, but Justin was in the music video.


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