Miley Cyrus ‘Full-On Making Out’ with her Co-Star

August 24, 2009

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus claimed she didn’t have a boyfriend on her Twitter account as recently as August 21st, but People heard a different story from an actor who saw the young star at a Nashville airport.

Last Wednesday, as Cyrus bid Australian actor Liam Hemsworth goodbye at the Nashville airport, the two kissed – and were “full-on making out,” says Alex Emanuel, a New York actor who was a few feet away from the couple and saw Cyrus, 16, act “as giddy as a schoolgirl. … she jumped into his arms and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him and leaned back and he was dipping her,” says Emanuel. “It was like a scene out of an old movie where the guy’s getting on a train and they’re saying their goodbyes.”

Hemsworth is starring with Miley in The Last Song, a drama about a rebellious teen who reconnects with her father.  He’s also the brother of Chris Hemsworth, who just got cast in the big-budget Marvel superhero movie Thor.

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2 Responses to “Miley Cyrus ‘Full-On Making Out’ with her Co-Star”

  1. Luiz Muller Says:

    In Thor movie? Wow..


  2. Jones Santos Says:

    I like the all pages and all comments. Thanks for all!!! Regards!!!

    att, Jones Santos


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