Lucas Till: Taylor Swift Better Kisser Than Miley

August 11, 2009

Miley CyrusTaylor SwiftI smell trouble on the horizon, folks.  It smells like sulfur and electricity.

Seems Lucas Till, who has managed to kiss both Taylor Swift (whom he worked with on the video for You Belong With Me) and Miley Cyrus (whom he worked with on the filming of the Hannah Montana movie) has gone on record as saying Taylor’s the better kisser of the two.

He very clearly didn’t want to answer the question, but quickly realized that once the journalists put it out there it was really only a matter of time until he’d have to answer it for somebody.  After all, a question like that, no one’s going to stop asking until SOMEONE gets an answer.

And can it ever really be the right one?  Frankly, Miley can be downright scary when she puts her mind to it.  If I were Lucas I’d head back to Atlanta for a while and hope it all blows over!

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2 Responses to “Lucas Till: Taylor Swift Better Kisser Than Miley”

  1. Nicky Marshall Says:

    Actually i think lucas till is really hot and i think he really should go out with Miley and i think miley is a great kisser for Lucas Till


  2. Margaret Says:

    I love lucas till he is such a hottie and I would prefer him kissing Taylor swift then Miley cirous


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