Liam Hemsworth’s Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out Liam & Miley Cyrus’ Engagement

June 13, 2012

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Are you still a little shocked by the news that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are engaged? It looks like we’re not the only ones.

Liam Hemsworth’s ex-girlfriend, who he broke up with to start dating Miley, told Celebuzz, “I’m not going to lie, I’m a little surprised.”

Laura Griffin was Liam’s high school sweetheart, who he dated for six years until he found love with Miley in 2009. “Hearing your high school sweetheart — who is the same age as you — is getting married, is a shock,” Laura also told Celebuzz.

She continued, “Of course it hurts seeing someone I spent so many years with moving on, especially when I learned from the media, but at the same time if they are in love and are happy why not? I’m very happy for him.”

And despite what the media said about Liam and Laura’s breakup, she wanted to clear the air saying “Liam never cheated on me — that was what was portrayed in the media — but he had ended things with me when Miley and him began dating.”

What are your thoughts on Miley & Liam’s engagement? Are they too young?

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3 Responses to “Liam Hemsworth’s Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out Liam & Miley Cyrus’ Engagement”

  1. s Says:

    People change a LOT between 19 and 21. He’s probably not the person Laura knew anymore.


  2. Samantha Says:

    I got kind of scared of what she was going to say. Glad she’s happy for them.. phew. Thought drama was starting.


  3. Jessica Says:

    Too young? No. He’s my age, and I’m ready to get married too, if he askes. If you’re in love and you are both ready for it: why not? My mum got married aged 21. Liam and I are 22 already and I know many more people getting married at that age. Too bad he’s off the market now haha


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