Lea Michele Opens Up About Childhood, Shock Value and Her Solo Album in Nylon Magazine

August 21, 2012

leamichele nylon mag cover

“Glee” star Lea Michele is taking over the cover of NYLON Magazine’s September TV Issue.

Lea sat down to chat with NYLON all about her early start in theater, her Glee co-stars and her upcoming solo pop album. We love all the photos of Lea in the mag, which were shot by Marvin Scott Jarrett.

On her days as a child actor:
“I was a weird kid. I was eight years old saying I don’t want a day off. I’d like to work every day, please.’”

Ryan Murphy on Michele’s talent:
“I always thought she was very original. Then I heard her sing and I knew there was nobody like her. She’s a very rare talent–she’s very specific and unusual and yet also familiar. She’s in that canon of the great singer-actresses—there’s not many of them.”

On shock value:
“I feel like I’m the type of person who likes to shock people a little bit, too. For example, when I was in Spring Awakening, every night I had to do this nude scene. I always loved to find the one person in the audience who I knew was going to be uncomfortable—who throughout the show was cringing in their seat—and when [co-star] Jonathan Groff would undo my top, I loved it! I was like, ‘Take that!! How uncomfortable are you right now? I want you to be uncomfortable!”

On her upcoming first solo album:
“I want to make songs where girls can just roll down the windows of their car or dance around in their rooms in their underwear, like, I hate my ex-boyfriend! or I’m so in love! Because that’s what I want [to hear]–power-girl songs.”

Be sure to pick up your copy, on newsstands August 28th.

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