Robsten Blows Off VMAs Red Carpet

September 14, 2009

Taylor LautnerMy respect for Taylor Lautner has now gone up a notch, where before it was virtually flatlined for his being little more than a puffed-up pretty boy brought in to serve as eye candy, it now is a solid figure for his spectacular saving of the VMAs.

It wasn’t exactly a huge surprise when Rob Pattinson, who has shown MANY times that he literally does not care about ANYTHING relating to his celebrity status, didn’t make the carpet walk for the Video Music Awards.  It was, however, a bit more of a surprise when Kristen Stewart didn’t show EITHER.

This left Taylor Lautner holding a bag the size of Cleveland, as the only remaining New Moon cast member on the carpet tackling press questions about the new movie. By all reports he comported himself with dignity and aplomb, despite the fact that he was operating without two thirds of his company.  It’s not easy to sit on a two-legged stool, folks–try sitting on a ONE legged one sometime and you’ll see  why I give a nod of respect and a fist-bump in spirit to Taylor Lautner, who sucked it up and covered for two truant possible lovers.

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4 Responses to “Robsten Blows Off VMAs Red Carpet”

  1. Team TAYLOR/JACOB Says:

    I love Taylor, off corse I do he a hottie. And I’m suprised that neither Rob OR Kristen was there with him. Well it does shows now that Taylor is really dedicaded to his fans. Off corse he’d come, he seems to be SUCH a nice guy. I’m shure he too. I know Rob and Kris loves their fans and shure maybe would have come. But… it such a sad thing cause they have so many fans out there. Anyway, thanks clevver tv!


  2. Cammy Says:

    let’s just put it this way.. middle of Eclipse filming, exhausted, not much to participate to in the VMAs anyway, naturally, they’d grab the opportunity to take a rest! they’re not REAL vampires who doesn’t need sleep!


  3. AnnaR Says:

    Ashley was there too. But Robert & Kristen have too much to handel. They werent nominated in anything so that means they dont have to sit there all night waiting for their award. So what, they came to do the New Moon trailer thing & left. Let them do whatever they want; they even had to fly from Canada to do it! Taylor just had more time probably.


  4. kimberley Says:

    I do not want to knock the promotional work that Taylor Lautner has and is doing for the Twilight saga. But you really need to be a little more understanding about the reasons why Rob and Kristen did not walk down the red carpet. If you remember the last time Rob was in NY filming one of his movies he was hit by a cab running away from his crazed fans. There is a certain amount of expectation in regards to being such a beloved talented actor in his public appearances, but he is still a person. Summit has been very crafty in trying to up play Taylor’s more dominate roll in New Moon and shift the focus away from Rob. This was very evident at the Comic Con Convention when Taylor sat in between Rob and Kristen and articulately answered most of the questions. With this in mind could that not also be the case with his solo appearance last night? If so, it worked!


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