Did Kristen Stewart Cheat on Robert Pattinson?

July 25, 2012

Oh no! Is Robsten in jeopardy?!?!? Us Weekly has photos that show Kristen Stewart having a makeout session with her Snow White & The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. According ...

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7 Responses to “Did Kristen Stewart Cheat on Robert Pattinson?”

  1. mchelle Says:

    i do not belive a word of it on twitter she said that the papz are just making lies and the other day i ssaw on a mag saying krsten pregncays nighmare and that she was trying on engrament ring a few weeks before and i belive the should get back to together she love so much they are perfect together


  2. emily Says:

    im so titck im crying


  3. Nahmir Says:

    It Looks Like She’s Trying To Move His Hands Away , So I Don’t Believe She Was Cheating.


  4. elizabeth Says:

    que asco me da todo esto!!!!!


  5. shocked Says:

    IT´S NOT FAKE, Kristen said she is very sorry about this, and she apologyses to Rob for this!!! she said she loves him and she is so sorry!!
    i thnik all robsten fans wanted them to confirm their relationship,and we got it!!! but we didn´t want it in this way


  6. ronnie Says:



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