Justin Bieber Debuts New Tattoo!

August 31, 2012


The Biebs has added yet another tattoo to his list — this time the 18-year-old got inked with a small crown on near his collar bone.

The singer took to twitter to clarify the new tat and offer fans a pic, tweeting “new tattoo it’s a crown if you couldn’t tell”. For those of you who aren’t familiar — this is JB’s 7th tattoo. He already has a bird on his hip, “Jesus” written in Hebrew on his ribcage, a picture of Jesus on his left leg, praying hands right below the Jesus tattoo on his leg, a “Believe” tattoo on his left arm, and an ancient Kanji symbol that translates to mean “music” on his right arm.

What do you guys think of Justin’s most recent addition?

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5 Responses to “Justin Bieber Debuts New Tattoo!”

  1. griselda angulo Says:

    And shut up people that say ur gay because ur not <3 <3


  2. griselda angulo Says:

    I love you Justin Bieber u look cute and hot with wat ever u put on!!!


  3. tabby go music Says:

    I think justin look fine the way he is i like most of the ones he has but becouse it say what he like is mucis and he beleave in jesus. but no more i think he mint regret it when he is older.


  4. Gabriela Pozner Says:

    Yah Justin Beiber is making himself more stupid looking then he already is. And the people who love him are fucking psyco.


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