Justin Bieber Premieres “As Long As You Love Me” Music Video

August 1, 2012


Justin Bieber’s mini-movie for “As Long As You Love Me” is finally here!

In the 5-minute clip, Justin is fighting for a forbidden love, which in the end, does not turn out too pretty.

The video also stars veteran actor Michael Madsen as the very scary father. What do you think of JB’s new video?

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9 Responses to “Justin Bieber Premieres “As Long As You Love Me” Music Video”

  1. albert Says:

    hey.. poor justin and he’s very gay… i dont like his music very much,, and i hate him coz very OA (over acting)..


  2. cassandra skinner Says:

    poor justin he got beat up


  3. cassandra skinner Says:

    poor justin he got beat up :(


  4. Sheila Says:

    Ooo myyy godddd watching this have me goose bumps it was AWSOME I love it and this is one of my top favorite songs in the believe albume which I got it today (wensday) omg !!! I love u Justin !!!! And gahhhhh who ever came up with this video idea is a genius !!!!!!! I LOVE u as long as u LOVE me !!!! Loveing u for ever !!!! <333333


  5. Anglina rubab Says:

    Hey jb your voic ix awsum n diz vedio is fantastic dude lov u budy:-*


  6. SnakeEyes Says:

    I like Justin’s voice. Reminds me of the stuff you find on the Fashion Fantasy Game. I associate sounds with images. I guess I have synesthesia.


  7. auro Says:

    hi!!! is a beutiful videoclip
    and i love clevvertv.com
    and i love jubi


  8. DIana Says:

    Oh my gosh i was crying when they beat up Justin. so intense :( Your biggest fan Diana


  9. ashley rosario Says:

    o.m.g justin bieber if u are reading this message i will be so happy if u come 2 my house i am in new york i am a true believer i love u so much and i would do anything youst 2 meet u and ur whole crow i love this video and thanks if u are reading this comment please:)love u so much


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