Justin Bieber Gets Knocked Out for Compex Magazine

March 19, 2012

Justin Bieber puts some cold meat on his "wounds" on the cover of Compex Magazine's 10th anniversary issue. Justin has two covers for the special occasion, both showcasing the ...

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7 Responses to “Justin Bieber Gets Knocked Out for Compex Magazine”

  1. Justin Bieber Says:

    Well it was fun…. I guess it wasn’t as good as my fans wanted but whatever.. Haters can hate


  2. djennie Says:

    so fake, it’s funny how people react but you can see it’s really fake. but the photo’s are great so ya.


  3. Taylor Marie Says:

    You guys know this is just a photoshoot right… you guys are acting like he literally got into a fight.. >_>


  4. me and my horse r speed girls Says:

    ugh i hate u justin dont do things like this cuz of it im soooo not a fan and selena deserves better


    • Amelia Says:

      Justin you can’t give up in life as a pop star you have got so much to live for I don’t really get what happened but you dont need to get beaten up to make your fans happy I’m a fan but I hate to see anyone get hurt so badly I have sympathy for everyone doesnt matter who it is


  5. Kari Johnson Says:

    I honestly think Justin is going a little over the top. I’m a fan, but come on Justin. To all of us fans you have to realise you are the best. You shouldn’t give up you friends, family, or a personal life. You don’t have to do something so bloody to be the best. This is about you, not just the fans. Sure you want change but don’t try to be the bad-ass all the time.


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