Justin Bieber Goes Brunette

January 17, 2012


Do blondes or brunettes have more fun? It looks like Justin Bieber wants to find out.

The Biebs was spotted out shopping as well as out with girlfriend Selena Gomez over the weekend sporting a new darker brunette hair-do. Sure, his hair is usually a light brunette/blonde, but this is pretty dark for Justin.

Justin’s hair has been known to always be a hot topic. What do you think of Justin’s new color? Are you a fan? Check out some more pics here.

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7 Responses to “Justin Bieber Goes Brunette”

  1. Fern Baker Says:

    Nice but not really I like the old colour better


  2. kirsten grant Says:

    I like him no matter what, no matter the way he dresses or his hair or his biggest flaw. IM HIS NUMBER 1 FAN i love you Justin Beiber


  3. Jocelyn Says:

    Personally, I liked the biebs with his natural hair color. I’m sorry, but it kinda looks like you have a wig on. Come on!


  4. Ghania Says:

    he still hot whatever he do


  5. Bri Says:

    i think justin looks normal now :D i mean with his blonde hair it was distracting and now you can actually see how beautiful his face really is


  6. Marie Claire Says:

    No, i dont like this colour on him :( its too dark.. :/ his naturall is way nicer :) this looks too fake :/ i liked him with his blondish bits :( <3


  7. Serene Says:

    I like his new hair; I mean he was a hottie with blonde… but changing things up always is a good thing<3


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