Jimmy Fallon Supports Justin Bieber With “It’s NOT My Baby”

November 3, 2011


Since we’re totally Team Bieber, we gotta share the support for him. The latest star to speak up on behalf of the musician is Jimmy Fallon. He straight up performed his own version of ‘Baby’ on his late night talk show. Of course, Jimmy is putting a comical twist on the latest gossip that’s circulating about JB being a baby daddy, and obviously a ton of Beliebers are angry about the girl making such a major claim. We gotta say that the talk show host has got some insane dance moves – I mean, I guess that we weren’t expecting it, that’s all. He was also rocking some styles similar to Justin’s classic swag – including loosely tied sneakers, layered shirts, a leather jacket and a matching turquoise baseball cap. Check out the video!

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5 Responses to “Jimmy Fallon Supports Justin Bieber With “It’s NOT My Baby””

  1. Candice Says:

    Justin only you know the truth, if it is your child step up to the plate and take responsibility and love this boy because it is yours and treat his mother with respect.Dont let some wanker lawyer talk on your behalf tell the world yourself and maintain your dignity,dont ruin a career by telling lies keep to the truth and you keep your respect. Good luck


  2. Jessie Claypoole Says:

    i hope you plan on redoing this when this little bastard is told its his pray to god it kills his carrier.


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